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Founded in 2009, Blue Ocean Portfolios is a fee only SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Unlike the vast majority of other so-called wealth or retirement advisors, Blue Ocean Portfolios does not sell investments or annuity contracts. Any time an investment advisor gets paid a commission or participates in revenue sharing or trail commissions, it creates a conflict of interest with their clients. By eliminating these conflicts, our clients have better odds for favorable outcomes.
The truth is that only new information will change the value of a stock, bond, commodity or real estate investment. By definition, new information cannot be anticipated. If it could, it wouldn't be new. Once investors accept this fact, investing becomes much easier and will enable them to focus on their allocation not the name of the fund or the particular fund manager. Investing is all about allocation, not picking the hot stock, fund or manager. Wealth management is about managing risk, not chasing outcomes.

Blue Ocean Portfolios intelligently designs and implements an appropriate allocation policy based on each client's individual situation. We are advocates of using low cost index funds because there is no evidence or logic to support the idea that anyone can persistently pick winning stocks or winning managers. In fact, when it comes to investing, the only thing one can predict are the fees that will be incurred. Outcomes will always be random and unpredictable.

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