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The Quasi War - Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Memorial Day is This Weekend

A day that we pay tribute the soldiers who died fighting our wars.

Memorial Day 2017

Here are the approximate casualties through 2012:


While I believe this data is accurate, it is only an estimate. The more I research, the more little wars and casualties I find. The most curious war that I stumbled upon was the undeclared war fought at sea, The Quasi-War of 1798. The US Congress did not think the United States owed any more money it borrowed from France to finance the Revolutionary War after the French Revolution unseeded the French monarchy. So the US simply stopped paying. Leading up to the Napoleon French Empire, the French “Privateers” began seizing American ships. To retaliate, the Americans re-surged the American Navy and the birth of The US Marine Corp where a year later, they gain their nickname the Leathernecks fighting the Barbary Pirates.

There is no doubt that there has been a steady continuum of wars and soldiers to fight them since the colonies revolted against British rule. The one thing that I have learned over the past 59 years is that it is impossible to speak for fellow citizens. I am sure if we asked the millions of American veterans why they served, why they didn’t go AWOL, why they put up with what must have been some pretty horrible conditions; we would get millions of different answers. However, it is unlikely that any of them would say because they wanted to preserve the bureaucracies like the Federal Reserve System, the SEC, IRS, EPA, or HUD. The growth of the federal government and the power and authority they have over all of us does not sit well with the veterans that I know. While I believe that these veterans served for the benefit of our country, our country is not our government. So many agencies, so many people producing nothing but more rules and regulations for us to trip over – “the gotcha agents.” I know good people serving time in federal prison for selling bootleg cigarettes, for overstating their income on credit applications, allowing people to buy beer with food stamps, for putting the wrong codes on medical billings and for back filling a creek on their property with what an EPA agent thought was tainted soil. Just today I read a story where a farmer in California is facing a $2.8 million fine for plowing field that he owned without the permission of the Corp of Engineers approval. Unfortunately, the purpose of many of these government agents is to cause trouble for the rest of us!

I hope and pray that all of you and your families have a peaceful and safe weekend. Please take the time to reflect on the approximate 1.3 million men and women and gave the ultimate sacrifice that enables the remarkable freedoms and prosperity of our country.


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