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Taxes - A Pain in the Neck!

Over the years, Congress has put more and more stress on all of us through the programs that we are expected to comply with; Medicare, Social Security, and especially taxes! And there is no doubt that we all are getting older and our parts are starting to wear out. Could all this stress and aging process lead to health problems?

Taxes Are a Pain in the NeckMy left hip needed to replacement back in the fall of 2015. Then last Friday, after suffering from severe nerve pain in my shoulders and arms for over three years, I elected to have two cervical disc (C5/6 and C6/7) in my neck replaced with artificial ones. This innovative procedure is called Mobi C. I can attest that a few hours after surgery, I have full range of motion with only modest/tolerable pain in the back of my neck. I am putting this post together on Monday evening (March 27th) after a full day in the office with a busy schedule. On Friday I had major surgery, went under general anesthesia, and am back in the office with a normal schedule on Monday, even snuck in the office for a couple of hours on Saturday. Unlike most other orthopedic surgical procedures, there is no post-surgical therapy; I just returned to normal with only one day of downtime. So goodbye pain in the neck and hello Mobi-C.

Here is an animation of the procedure:

(this is not an endorsement only an FYI)

I can’t be sure that stress from filing and paying taxes have caused the degeneration of my hips and cervical disc, but it certainly did not help! Of course, complaining does not accomplish anything so I recommend that if you suffer from joint pain, get it fixed!

Remember you have until Tuesday April 18th to file and make 2016 IRA Contributions. No changes for 2017.

  • Under Age 50 - $5,500 allowable
  • Over Age 50 - $6,500 allowable

Contact us now for more information on IRA contributions and diversified low cost investment strategies.

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